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Default Mutts and Moms

Have you heard what happened on the Ellen Degenes Show? She started the show crying and upset because a dog that she adopted from a rescue called Mutts and Moms didnt work out too well with her cats, so she gave the dog away to her hairdressers family (hey - the apostrophe doesnt work). Apparently, though, the contract with Mutts & Moms stated that if she doesnt keep the dog, the dog gets taken back to Mutts & Moms. So, the dog was taken away from the hairdressers family. Ellen now feels terrible that the dog was taken away from a loving family because she didnt abide by the contract with the organization.

I guess this condition was put in place to protect the dog from potential neglect. But in this case, the dog was taken to a loving family and yet the dog was denied the care of its new family.

Unfortunately, M&M is now getting threats and they have taken down their website.

I dont think that it was right foe Ellen to use her influence in the media, but I also think that M&M lost sight of the big picture (i.e., find a loving home for unwanted dogs) when it took the dog back. The simple thing now is to have the hairdressers family to apply to adopt the dog, but now that things have gone nuts with so much media attention, Mutts & Moms is at risk of not being there anymore.

I state this as someone who adopted a dog from the Humane Society and made sure that my dog had the best care he could have and live out a full life, and cant imagine what its like to have my dog taken away.

What do you think? To get more info, you can go to and read about Iggy, the dog in question.
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I watched the video clip today. It was so sad.
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That sounds awful. I feel sorry for the poor dog. It does seem completely illogical for them to have taken the dog from the hairdressers family. They could have gone into their home to make sure it was suitable and loving enough to look after the dog. Very sad.

I had a lovely dog called Oscar. He was a Tibetan Terrier that we rescued. His owner died. He was also abused by the owner and it took some time to win his trust but in a loving home, he thrived! He died a few years ago now (still hurts) but it made me more aware of all the dogs out there needing homes.

I hope that the organisation will continue and that this will be sorted out.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
In the end...only kindness matters

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